Yes, this is what Australia should be like


Let me start out by saying that the last couple weeks have been fun. It’s been fun meeting heaps of new people, going out at night, and having orientation sessions and organized tours of Freo and Cottesloe. But it’s definitely not in my personality to do these things constantly, and even though I was having a good time, I still felt almost like I was waiting for my trip to start. Now, I definitely feel like it has.

Yesterday, a bunch of us took a bus to the beach in Freo, even though it was cloudy and a little chilly. It took longer to get there than I had expected (people told me it was a 15 minute bus ride to the beach…what?), but still way closer than I’m used to. I actually went in the water even though it was SO FREAKING COLD, and I even stayed in for about ten minutes. The other guy who was in the water kept getting stung by jellyfish, and that definitely made me feel relaxed about the whole situation.

Proof I was actually in the water!

Proof I was actually in the water!

Then we all stood in a circle and threw a football and frisbee, which I pretty much never get tired of. Later, Lydia and I took a walk up the beach and took pictures for a man and woman who were scattering their mother’s ashes.

They had a little picnic and were playing what I assumed had been their mother's favorite song. It was really sad, but beautiful at the same time

They had a little picnic on the rocks and were playing what I assumed had been their mother’s favorite song. It was really sad, but beautiful at the same time. Apparently this was their mother’s favorite spot

When the sun went away completely and it started looking stormy, we packed up and walked around Freo for a while. We got dinner and the best hot chocolate ever (they straight up melted a chocolate bar and mixed it with milk), and although I was freezing by the time I finally got home, it was a great day! And I’m just imagining how amazing the beach will be when it warms up 🙂


This morning, I decided it was about time I found a solid farmers’ market, so I dragged Lydia all over the suburbs of Perth to find the Vic Park market. It was nothing like what I’m used to at the Durham farmers’ market (best market EVER), and there was only one meat stand, but the lady was so incredibly nice and she gave me a bag of soup bones for free! We also got some delicious omelets and some of the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted, so it was definitely a successful morning. Just with a lot of walking and bus riding.

Here’s me tasting my first ice cream in Perth:

IMG_3801 IMG_3804

Later we visited Freo again to go to the Freo markets, because every Sunday evening all the produce vendors are trying to sell their stock from the weekend and they give really good deals. I got a bag of apples, a bag of clementines, a bag of grapes, a bunch of bananas, 3 mangoes, and 3 avocados for $15…seems like a pretty awesome deal to me! And now I have a ton of fruit, which is a pretty fantastic feeling.

I also haggled a $9 container of seafood paella down to $5, and ate a mussel and some calamari for the first time.

Then I dragged Lydia and our friend Theresa all over creation AGAIN in search of the one brand of ice cream in Australia that doesn’t have guar gum or carrageenan in it. (Have I mentioned how much I miss Haagen Dazs?) We probably walked at least three miles and searched two different stores that were listed as suppliers, but neither of them carried it anymore. It only later occurred to us that I could’ve just called the stores to see if they stocked it. Oh well. I did end up buying a couple Lindt chocolate bars. And I got to pet a cat in a driveway on the way there.

The Great Ice Cream Hunt shall continue tomorrow.

This evening we just hung out in the community TV room and played ping pong and pool with some people. Lydia and I made some pretty legit pool puns. And I actually got four balls in, which I was pretty stoked about. Unfortunately, the last two were simultaneous: the 8 ball, which I sunk on a pretty tricky angle (yay!), and then the cue ball, which lost us the game (boo).

New mission: become pool shark. It’s funny because I’m in Australia and, you know…sharks.

This was one of those weird nights where everyone felt like it was really late, when in reality it wasn’t even 9pm yet. I love when that happens, because I can feel like I’m being a good sport and staying up late, and then still be my elderly self and go to bed early.

So, going back to the theme of this post: what should Australia be like?

Beaches. Food. Friends that tolerate being dragged around in search of ice cream. Having a grand old time without staying up till the wee hours every night. And crazy Australian birds, of course. Throw in some traveling and kangaroo sightings here and there, and I think I’m going to have a pretty awesome semester.


2 Thoughts on “Yes, this is what Australia should be like

  1. karen on July 21, 2014 at 8:16 pm said:

    What a great adventure..

  2. Bud Luck on July 21, 2014 at 9:52 pm said:

    Love it when a plan comes together! Especially when it’s not accompanied by jellyfish stings…I’m glad you dodged that bullet!


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