Video: Controlled-arch braces day 2 report – lisp city

Real talk about how getting controlled-arch braces kind of sucks, plus a brief overview of the treatment plan going forward. I’m going to try to post my before/after picture from the AGGA growth phase on the blog soon!

4 Thoughts on “Video: Controlled-arch braces day 2 report – lisp city

  1. Alyssa, the third time is a charm, right!?! 😉 I can’t wait to see your AGGA pics too. Get some GishyGoo from Amazon to help your cheeks. You should start to notice less lispy-ness soon. Hang in there and thanks for sharing your journey! -Daniel

  2. Josh on June 10, 2020 at 5:40 pm said:

    Hi Alyssa. Can you post the before and current intraoral photos please? The ones I’m interested in are the side shots (perpendicular to your back teeth from the side) to evaluate some of their claims. Did your dentist take a cephalometric radiograph and/or CBCT prior to treatment to compare to your future final results? Otherwise there is no knowing for sure what was done and the epigenetics claim is snake oil. Thanks. I am genuinely curious as there is zero scientific literature from peer reviewed journals. I can find claims on dental pages and the their epigenetics website, but none of those claims are supported by reliable literature.

    • Hi Josh – yes, as soon as I get the pics from my dentist, I’ll post them! As far as the scans prior to starting – I had a CBCT scan less than a year prior to starting AGGA, but I can’t remember whether we did additional scans immediately prior to starting. Once I’m finished with the process, I plan to pull together any and all before/after info I have at my disposal.

      But yes, absolutely agreed – the claims can sound great, and make some mechanistic sense, and even have some great results, but without a solid database of before/after data, we don’t really know what’s going on for sure and can’t make any sweeping claims.


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