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New Year’s Resolutions

I hope everyone had fun last night! I know I did. In fact, I spent it in the exact same place with the exact same people as I did last year, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Even after spending a semester at separate colleges, barely getting to talk to or see each other, it was so nice to come home and spend New Year’s Eve with them.Hope

A lot has happened in 2012. I decided to attend UNC, graduated high school, moved away from home for the first time to live on campus, met a ton of new people, made new friends, and finished my first semester of college.

A lot of the changes were really good for me. For instance, I think I finally struck a decent balance between school and friends. I didn’t keep my 4.0 GPA, but there comes a point when having fun and laughing with friends is more important than perfect grades. I’ve always struggled with putting too much emphasis on school, and not enough on other areas of my life, so I’m happy I didn’t spend my first semester of college locked in my dorm room studying.

And surprisingly, the chaos of college life actually forced me to ‘go with the flow,’ and not be so stressed out. Moving to college forced me completely out of my comfort zone and made me realize that I really can’t control every aspect of my life anymore (as if I could before!), and you know what I learned? Whether or not you worry, and whether or not you stress out over something, things will turn out the way they will turn out. That realization, although it seems trite, makes such a big difference in my peace of mind. Read more →

Breaking my Kombucha Addiction (plus Meatball Wisdom)

Warning: This blog post is all over the place. But if you want to know about a delicious kombucha substitute, the merits of brown rice syrup, nice fish guys, or meatballs, read on!

Sock Monkey

My sock monkey onesie…and my sock monkey

This is low-FODMAP Paleo Day 15, and I miss garlic. My boss decided to eat an entire head of roasted garlic for lunch yesterday…bad timing, to say the least. But I’m finished interning at Leaflight until after classes start again, so now I get a real winter break! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I got a guitar case and a sock monkey onesie; try not to be jealous.

For my holiday meal, I had Herbed Pork Shoulder and roasted sweet potatoes. It was delicious! So delicious, in fact, that I didn’t even think to take a picture. Gah. I’ll get better at this eventually.

Lately, I’ve been really digging the lemon water. My family has been sick, so we figured the extra vitamin C would be helpful. I’ve also been trying to break my kombucha habit (it’s so yummy!!), and I think I found a decent alternative! Ready for this?? Read more →

Interview with Dr. Zeisel, “The Choline Guy”

Today, I had the privilege of interviewing Steven Zeisel, a prominent choline researcher here at UNC! As I might’ve mentioned before, I’ve been working on a research paper about eggs, which are a great source of choline, so I wanted to learn more about this essential nutrient. Dr. Zeisel’s office is in the Michael Hooker Research Center at the School of Public Health, and let me tell you: that building is incredible. I think I even like it better than the FedEx Global Education Center, and you know how much I love that building! (Oh, you don’t? Right, this is only my third blog post. Well, I love that building a lot.) Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s one from the website: Read more →

My Story (to be continued…)

Ever since I can remember, I’ve eaten an extremely healthy diet. That is, healthy by the USDA’s standards. My friends in middle school would make fun of me for having Triscuits and cheese and a bag of raw veggies for lunch, while they had muffins or pizza.

Sometime during middle school, I decided to be vegetarian. I also meticulously removed as much saturated fat and cholesterol from my diet as possible, and I rarely ate anything that wasn’t whole grain. Now keep in mind, I was never overweight. In fact, I’ve been underweight almost my entire life, and I got even skinnier after these self-imposed dietary changes. But whenever somebody told me that I didn’t have to worry about eating a little ‘unhealthy’ food, I would fiercely reply that skinny people can die of heart disease, too. Read more →

I Love College!

Note: I actually wrote this a couple weeks ago, but just now got my website up and running. Please disregard the “Posted On” dates for a few days while I exhaust my backlog of blog posts (:

I’ve been considering starting a blog for a while, and seriously considering starting a blog for a couple weeks, but I was a little intimidated. I mean, how do you just start a blog? I guess by doing what I’m doing right now – talking about starting a blog. But if people are actually going to be reading this (and that’s a big fat IF), I wanted to at least start off on a momentous note.

Well, looks like today is the day! I’m feeling momentous enough to finally start my blog. I’m on such a high right now, and no, it’s not a high from drugs. Read more →