Plantain Pancakes (and muffins!)

Plantain Pancakes

Look what I had for dinner last night! Pancakes! I actually made these for the first time a couple weeks ago on National Pancake Day (yep, believe it or not, it exists), and made them again last night. I rarely (never) eat ‘Paleo’ treats because almond flour and coconut flour don’t work that well for me, and truthfully, I just think they’re kind of unnecessary. BUT, these pancakes from The Paleo Mom are full of nothing but safe starch goodness!

I made a half batch, and all I needed was a plantain, two eggs, butter, baking soda, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. I added a tablespoon or so of arrowroot starch because my plantain wasn’t green, so I thought it might need some additional starch. I also added a bit of apple cider vinegar, because in the comments section of the recipe, some people mentioned that they could taste the baking soda in the final pancake.

And yes, I made my pancakes massive. They are on a full-size dinner plate in the picture. But they were super easy to flip! The only downside is that they take forever to cook. Plantains aren’t really something you want to eat raw, but in order for the pancakes to cook all the way through without burning the outside, you have to keep the temperature of your stove pretty low.

Anyways, you should definitely try these!

On another plantain-related note, I made these plantain muffins last week. I hesitate to post a picture of the finished product, because I don’t want the beauty of my plantain muffins to detract from The Paleo Mom’s original, but it wouldn’t be fair to withhold this culinary masterpiece from my thousands of readers. Behold:

Plantain Muffin Fail

Okay, so maybe not a culinary masterpiece. Seriously though, I joke about my lack of baking skills all the time, but I was legitimately surprised by how badly these came out. It was obvious they weren’t going to look like muffins, but I thought they might still taste okay. No such luck. I have a very high tolerance for un-tasty food, but I actually couldn’t eat these.

Here is my in-depth, highly analytical assessment of what went wrong:

  1. No muffin pan. Attempted to use mason jar rings to contain muffins; ran out of mason jar rings. Attempted to compensate by using an entire family of paper muffin cups per muffin; you can see how well that went over.
  2. Crowded oven. At the time, I was also baking zucchini, peaches, bananas, and sweet potatoes. Perhaps my muffins felt threatened by the sea of produce, and tried to escape the confines of their muffin papers to hold hands with each other for moral support.
  3. Neglectful baker (me). I may have possibly forgotten about them, so they may have cooked slightly longer than necessary.

As a side note, I think I’m going to keep making these ‘food fail’ pictures. I don’t think I’ll ever achieve the hilarity of some of these food fails, but they somehow make my food disasters feel slightly more productive.

If you’ve ever baked with plantains, I’d love to hear your experiences! For those of us who can’t do coconut and almond flour, I feel like plantains are a great alternative.



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