Paleo New Year Recipe Roundup!

If I were to have a Paleo New Year extravaganza, this is the food that would be there:

Smoky Pear Bites from The Clothes Make The Girl

Smoky Pear Bites

Sweet and salty…yum

Bacon Meatballs and Mango Dip from PaleoOMG

Bacon Meatballs and Mango Dip

Wow, bacon + fruit again…I’m noticing a trend…


Raw Veggies with Ranch Dip from The Paleo Mom

Ranch Dip

Carrots and ranch…a classic combo


Patacones (Plantain Chips) from Amazing Paleo


I have a feeling I’d eat more than four…


and finally, these Rosemary Garlic Crackers from Food Renegade


Needs a topping, don’t you think?


along with this Chicken Liver Pâté from Balanced Bites

Liver Pate

Liver has never looked so appetizing


So there you have it! The food of my New-Years-Eve-party dreams. I would also include Sunbutter-stuffed dates, because I discovered that combination during finals and it is so, so good. And so, so dangerous. I could go through an entire jar of Sunbutter and a bag of dates in no time.

Sunbutter                               Dates


Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!

2 Thoughts on “Paleo New Year Recipe Roundup!

  1. I’m feelin’ those smoky pear bites! Then again, I’m feelin’ anything bacon.


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