Bali: Days 2, 3, and 5


On our second day in Bali, we did something that I thought was pretty random: we went to a water park.

It ended up being incredibly fun, and a perfect thing to do since it was so unbelievably hot and humid, but since I can go to a water park pretty much anywhere and I’ll probably only be in Bali once, it definitely seemed like an odd choice of activity.

We caught a few taxis to get there, which wasn’t difficult since you’ll probably see at least ten taxis within any given minute on a Bali street. The taxi drivers also constantly honk and shout “taxi” at you to let you know that they’re free, which got a little infuriating at times. But aside from almost melting on the drive there, we got to the water park in one piece. Read more →

Bali: Day 1


I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted something! I’ve started writing at least seven different posts, but haven’t gotten around to finishing them. But I’m determined to finish this one. So get ready.

Last week, I travelled to Bali for five days with about 20 of the other study abroad students at Murdoch. I wasn’t originally planning to go, because I wanted to see Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road and Kangaroo Island instead, but then I decided that I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to spend 5 days in an awesome villa with a ton of fantastic people.  Read more →

Pinnacles tour!


Yesterday, I had my first official Australian tour! We were scheduled to leave at 7am, so I set my alarm for 5:45am – absurdly early for me, since my earliest classes start at 9:30am, and that’s only two days per week.

As it turns out, my alarm was unnecessary, because I was rudely awakened at about 5:15am by a fire alarm in our flat. When one smoke detector in the building goes off, the entire building has to evacuate, so we all shuffled outside into the cold and tried to figure out who had the audacity to burn something at five in the morning, so we could all glare angrily at them. We never figured out who set it off, but it’s nice that said person chose the one day I needed to get up early anyway! It also gave me time to make an omelette for breakfast, which is always a bonus. Read more →

It’s official: I never want to leave


I know I’ve been pretty slack about blogging lately, but today was just about perfect, so I can’t not share it with all of you. But first: I feel like I’ve reached a turning point in my time abroad. Sydney was wonderful, but when I first got to Perth, I really struggled for a while with feeling sad, lonely, and homesick. A lot of that was just because my expectations for this trip were really high, and things don’t always match up to what you expect. But I’ve also discovered that I don’t deal very well with change in general, so that didn’t help!

But when I did start feeling homesick, I would just think to myself no worries, you’ll be home in just a few months, and anyway – you’re going to have tons of fun while you’re here! But even when I had amazing days, the thought of going home in six months was welcome and comforting. But now…I’m don’t think I’m going to want to leave! Read more →

Finally visited Perth!


Well, after being here for 3 and a half weeks, I finally made it into the city! Karl and Kat (two of our non-exchange friends) showed us around a bit, which was really cool of them. First we just walked around a little, and there were some really pretty green areas with awesome huge trees.


Then we walked to the bell tower, which is a touristy kind of thing to do. You can climb to the top to get a nice view, but we didn’t want to pay, so we just took a picture outside. Read more →

Starting classes, and other stuff


Sorry I’ve been slacking on the travel blogs! I guess it was bound to happen; a post a day gets to be a little much. There also hasn’t been as much exciting stuff going on, and I haven’t been taking as many pictures. And I haven’t really been in a blogging mood. But now I am in a blogging mood, so this post will probably be excessively long with very few pictures. Fair warning. Read more →

Yes, this is what Australia should be like


Let me start out by saying that the last couple weeks have been fun. It’s been fun meeting heaps of new people, going out at night, and having orientation sessions and organized tours of Freo and Cottesloe. But it’s definitely not in my personality to do these things constantly, and even though I was having a good time, I still felt almost like I was waiting for my trip to start. Now, I definitely feel like it has.

Yesterday, a bunch of us took a bus to the beach in Freo, even though it was cloudy and a little chilly. It took longer to get there than I had expected (people told me it was a 15 minute bus ride to the beach…what?), but still way closer than I’m used to. I actually went in the water even though it was SO FREAKING COLD, and I even stayed in for about ten minutes. The other guy who was in the water kept getting stung by jellyfish, and that definitely made me feel relaxed about the whole situation. Read more →

Caversham Wildlife Park


Yesterday, a bunch of us exchange students took a trip to Caversham Wildlife Park to see kangaroos, koalas, quolls, and other marsupials found only in Australia. So basically, your stereotypical Australian tourist experience.

Most of the animals were difficult to see because they were hiding under brush or trees in their enclosures, but we did get to go right in and actually pet the kangaroos and koalas! Read more →

I found pho.


These are becoming really difficult to title. I did find pho, though, even though it might not’ve been the most significant part of the past few days.

I’ve had a bit of a sore throat, so I’ve been trying to take it easy. I did go into Freo again yesterday, and I stumbled upon a really neat little shop with a bunch of my kind of food. And by “my kind of food” I mean gluten free stuff, bulk bins with spices, almond flour, coconut flour, and coconut sugar, loose leaf tea, coconut oil, sardines…all kinds of tasty things. And it had a little more of that health food store vibe I’ve been missing, even though it was tiny and nothing like Whole Foods.  Read more →

I think I’m gonna like it here


I think it’s safe to say that my homesickness has all but disappeared. I mean, I went shopping at Coles today and didn’t start crying. That’s pretty impressive.

Let’s see, where did I leave off? I think it was when I stayed up till 3am. I hate staying up late. It makes the next day so dang short! I wake up, try to get some stuff done, and then the day is already half gone. It was a good half day, though.

Anyway, yesterday, a group of us wanted to go to Freo for an Australian footy game. But on the bus, we discovered that the stadium was further away than we thought, and we were going to be pretty late to the game. So we ditched that idea and hopped off the bus in Freo to find somewhere to eat. Read more →