Orientation and Fremantle trip


I’m still severely missing Whole Foods. This can’t be healthy. Nobody should be this attached to a grocery store.

This morning was orientation (the first of many), which was pretty unremarkable. After a few hours of mostly boring presentations, they gave us lunch, which we ate outside on Bush Court (a big grassy/tree-y area in the middle of campus). It was a nice day, and there was a bird that kept hopping around us curiously. It got pretty close, and another guy kept chucking mulch at it to make it leave. I told him to stop, and we were joking that the bird would probably come bite my finger off or something if he didn’t keep it at bay. It did look pretty intent on us, but I didn’t think it would actually come that close, especially since my food (sliced pork with applesauce) didn’t seem like it would be very appealing to a bird.

Curious bird

Curious bird

So we were pretty shocked when all of a sudden, the bird hopped over, grabbed a piece of meat off my plate, and flew off!  I figured I may as well see if I could get it to eat out of my hand, and sure enough, it came back. Then, of course, everyone wanted to try feeding the bird, so people kept picking pieces of meat off my plate. I was definitely the bird’s favorite, though. Just call me Bird Whisperer.

Pretty solid picture of me feeding pork to an Australian bird

Pretty solid picture of me feeding pork to an Australian bird. (Thanks Chris!)

Then we all took a bus to Fremantle for a tour. I was honestly expecting more out of it, but I think part of the problem is that I was already tired and homesick, so I wasn’t in the best frame of mind to enjoy a tour to begin with. My favorite part was hearing a story about how a guy from New York busted some prisoners (who hadn’t done anything wrong) out of the Fremantle prison. It was quite suspenseful, and the tour guide even stopped in the middle of the story and left us hanging for about 20 minutes while we walked to a different location. I was going to be pretty angry if the prisoners didn’t make it out in the end, but they did! Other than that, though, I was really wishing I just had some free time to explore Fremantle, so I could go in some of the markets (looking for a health food store or a fish market, of course) and maybe get some dinner. No such luck.

But one cool thing I did get to do was see (and touch!) the Indian Ocean for the first time! It was a pretty tiny beach, so I’m definitely still looking forward to visiting the other beaches in Perth, but it was nice to (finally) stick my feet in the water.

First steps in the Indian Ocean!

First steps in the Indian Ocean!

I’m hoping I’ll be less tired and homesick tomorrow so I can enjoy the day more. We’re going to Cottesloe beach, and I committed myself to getting in the water. I have a feeling I may regret that decision since it’s the middle of winter, but we’ll see.

Until then, here’s a selfie of me and Roslyn on the bus home from Fremantle.

Bus selfie

Bus selfie

3 Thoughts on “Orientation and Fremantle trip

  1. Hang in there Alyssa…pretty soon it will feel like home away from home!

  2. karen on July 12, 2014 at 6:13 pm said:

    Always listen to Dad… will get better…love your blog the pic are great, hang in there…


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