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What is mewing? 

“Mewing” is a term coined by followers of Mike Mew to describe all of the actions/exercises involved in developing and maintaining proper tongue (and to a lesser extent, lip/cheek/jaw) posture. In addition to keeping the tongue in its rightful place on the roof of the mouth, this also includes things like proper chewing/swallowing technique and various tongue exercises.

(That’s the broader definition. Alternately, “mewing” can sometimes simply refer to maintaining proper tongue posture on the roof of the mouth.)

Who came up with mewing?

Mewing is the creation and namesake of Dr. Mike Mew, who holds a BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery; the UK equivalent of a DDS in the US) and an MSc in Orthodontics.

From his website: “Lecturer and lead clinician at the London School of Facial Orthotropics, Dr Mike Mew lectures and teaches extensively around the world. His personal interest is in the growth and development of the face, identify the effects of changes in posture, function and muscle tone and its relationship to orthodontic problems. Dr Mike Mew uses the orthotropics system to reverse the underlying conditions that lead to crooked teeth, sleep apnea, snoring and TMD, amongst a range of other symptoms.”


Why is mewing important? 

Unlike surgery or orthodontic/orthotropic appliances, mewing addresses the root cause of dental and facial malformation. The bones of the face, palate, and teeth develop during adolescence as a direct result of the forces acting upon them, and the tongue and facial muscles are responsible for those forces.

Likewise, mewing is the only lasting solution to what Mike Mew terms “craniofacial dystrophy.” Because bones continuously remodel in response to forces, proper tongue posture is necessary to maintain any progress that might have been made using orthodontic appliances.


Where can I learn more about mewing?

Here is Mike Mew’s YouTube channel, which is the primary source for everything mew-related. Dr. Mew also gives public lectures frequently, but doesn’t produce much written content, so the videos on his channel encompass the majority of his teachings.

From what I can tell, this is Mike Mew’s official website.

The Craniofacial Action Group is a Facebook group that Mike Mew is an admin of, although topics there range beyond classic mewing and into functional appliances, etc.

And here is the orthotropics subreddit, which is focused on mewing.

Below is a collection of articles I’ve come across about mewing/tongue posture:



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