It’s official: I never want to leave


I know I’ve been pretty slack about blogging lately, but today was just about perfect, so I can’t not share it with all of you. But first: I feel like I’ve reached a turning point in my time abroad. Sydney was wonderful, but when I first got to Perth, I really struggled for a while with feeling sad, lonely, and homesick. A lot of that was just because my expectations for this trip were really high, and things don’t always match up to what you expect. But I’ve also discovered that I don’t deal very well with change in general, so that didn’t help!

But when I did start feeling homesick, I would just think to myself no worries, you’ll be home in just a few months, and anyway – you’re going to have tons of fun while you’re here! But even when I had amazing days, the thought of going home in six months was welcome and comforting. But now…I’m don’t think I’m going to want to leave!

I’ve gotten to hang out with Lydia more the past few days, which has been really nice. And I finally finished a project I had been working on for my boss, so now I’m officially on vacation until I get back! I also went out last night for the first time in a few weeks, and that was a lot of fun. We went to a club in Freo, and clubbing in Freo is great because the last bus leaves at midnight, so we can’t stay out too late. Probably a bummer for most people, but perfect for me 🙂

We knew the weather was supposed to be gorgeous today, so we all planned on going to Cottesloe beach in the morning and spending the day there. A few of us stopped in Freo on the way because I needed to buy a hat and a bag, and a couple other people needed to shop too.

This was the only imperfect part of today. I couldn’t find a hat I liked for under $50, so I decided to just buy a generic-looking baseball cap I found in the ‘sale’ bin in a surf shop for $14. I really didn’t want to pay that much for a cap I didn’t absolutely love, but I also really didn’t want a sunburned face, and an Australian we were with said I probably wouldn’t find one for cheaper.

And then two minutes after I bought it, we walked past a little convenience store with a bunch of baseball caps out front…for $3 each. And one had a koala bear on it. And another had the Australian flag on it. Gah. I couldn’t return the other one because I took the tags off and put it on as soon as I bought it (dumb), so I just tried my best not to think about the fact that I could’ve bought four very Australian hats for the price of my one random surf shop hat.

But I’m over it now. Totally over it.

Not over it.

I also didn’t find a bag.

But that’s okay, because we got to the beach around noon, and the rest of the day was basically perfect. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it was about 72 degrees, there was a pretty big group of us there, and we had lots of things to throw. That’s my recipe for a successful beach day.

Me with my mediocre hat and two not-mediocre friends

Me with my mediocre hat and two not-mediocre friends

I went swimming as soon as we got there, and it was definitely chilly, but felt amazing after the first couple minutes. The waves at Cottesloe are pretty big, so we had to swim out past the breakers or risk getting pummeled. Then we threw the frisbee for a while, then the football, then I laid in the sun and did nothing, then we played frisbee again…you get the picture.

I had eaten a pretty big breakfast so I hopefully wouldn’t have to eat at the beach, since it can be difficult to find gluten free food and I didn’t want to mess with it. For some reason, I was also ravenous when I woke up. I made a three egg omelette with peppers and cheese, which was amazing. I was still hungry, so I had a couple kiwis. Then I was still hungry, so I had two pieces of this really good gluten-free buckwheat bread I got at a bakery the other day with chicken liver pate on it. (I’ll try to write up the bakery story tomorrow. It was a bit of an adventure.) And I was still hungry, so I ate an apple.

And then I was still hungry, but I had to leave for the beach, so I didn’t have time to grab some of my leftover stir fry.

Wow, that was a long tangent. Anyway, the point of all that- I wasn’t too hungry for lunch, but I really wanted ice cream. I remembered that the fish and chips place we went to last time sells Ben & Jerry’s, and I thought it would be a brilliant idea to buy a pint of ice cream and split it, instead of paying $6 for a tiny cup of ice cream from a shop. Luckily Lydia also thought that was a brilliant idea. We bought “Couch Potato,” which is basically heaven in ice cream form.

The ice cream has chocolate-covered potato chip clusters in it. Nuff said.

Best decision of the day

Best decision of the day

Walking back to our spot on the beach sharing a pint of ice cream with Lydia was definitely one of those “wow, life is so good” moments. We all stayed at the beach long enough to watch the sunset (at around 5:30, since it’s still the middle of winter here. Ha.), and then Lydia and I decided to stop at Freo on the way home and have dinner at Jus Burgers.

Wait, that made it sound like we spontaneously decided to get a burger. No, we had been talking about and anticipating these burgers for about seven hours. This was definitely a premeditated burger event. Have I even mentioned Jus Burgers on here before? I must have. They have gluten-free buns, and I’ve eaten there three times now. Also, it always takes me at least 10 minutes to decide what to order, because everything looks so good. I’m also not used to having choices when I go out to eat. This was Lydia’s first time here, and afterwards we both agreed it’s kind of the best place ever.


Mine had chorizo and roasted red pepper on it, and Lydia’s had roasted red pepper, avocado, and mushrooms. Yumm

Side note: one reason Jus Burgers is awesome is because they have a stack of cups and a water faucet in the corner, so people can just go up and get a cup of water to go with their meal. This might sound like a very unremarkable thing, but apparently asking for a cup of water is extremely confusing to most cafe workers in Western Australia.

I was so thirsty at the beach today and just wanted some water, so Lydia asked for a cup of water at a cafe when she ordered some fries. First of all, it shouldn’t take 3 minutes of back-and-forth to get someone to understand that you want a cup of water. Just a cup. Filled with water. No, we don’t want to pay $4 for a plastic bottle of water. We just want you to put some tap water in some kind of cylindrical, water-tight container. Why is that so hard??

Once they finally understood what we wanted, we were told that they don’t have cups. Strange, but okay. The second place we tried was the fish and chips place where we bought the Ben & Jerry’s, and we had an even harder time getting them to understand the concept of a cup of water. The lady taking our order actually conferred with two other workers to try and make sense of our request, and I suppose to figure out whether she was allowed to carry out the unthinkable task of giving us cups of water.

Finally (finally) we got three cups of water out of the deal, and I downed mine in about 10 seconds and asked for a refill. I wanted to take it while I had the chance, since apparently cups of water are hard to come by ’round these parts.

Whew, that was another long tangent. Nothing interesting happened after Jus Burgers; we came home, I took a hot shower and made some tea, and now I’m blogging. But to sum up: beach + ice cream + sunset + burgers = perfect day in Australia. And now I never want to leave.

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  1. I love how they jam a knife into the heart of the burger….so Australian

  2. Sounds like a great day…..


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