I think I’m gonna like it here


I think it’s safe to say that my homesickness has all but disappeared. I mean, I went shopping at Coles today and didn’t start crying. That’s pretty impressive.

Let’s see, where did I leave off? I think it was when I stayed up till 3am. I hate staying up late. It makes the next day so dang short! I wake up, try to get some stuff done, and then the day is already half gone. It was a good half day, though.

Anyway, yesterday, a group of us wanted to go to Freo for an Australian footy game. But on the bus, we discovered that the stadium was further away than we thought, and we were going to be pretty late to the game. So we ditched that idea and hopped off the bus in Freo to find somewhere to eat.

Everyone settled on an Italian place, and I was preparing myself for the possibility that I’d have to sit and watch everyone else eat while I drank water, because Italian places aren’t the easiest to find gluten-free food. So I sit down and glance over the menu halfheartedly, and what do I see? GLUTEN FREE PIZZA, people. You can probably guess how excited I was. I made Allison take a picture of me with my pizza.

AND I got four different kinds of pizza in ONE pizza. Boom.

AND I got four different kinds of pizza in ONE pizza. Boom.

Not as good as this recipe I make at home, but getting a huge gluten-free pizza for lunch when you’re expecting water is pretty much like finally getting that pony for Christmas.

At the Italian restaurant

At the Italian restaurant

After lunch, we watched a street performer stand on a plank on a cylinder on a suitcase on a stand over concrete and juggle fire. It was very dodgy, as he put it. (I love when Australians say Australian-y words like ‘dodgy’ and ‘heaps’ and ‘g’day.’) He also had a diablo that he threw really high into the air and almost took out a seagull.

This guy was pretty awesome!

This guy was pretty awesome!

Afterwards, I finally got to explore the Fremantle markets that I had seen on the tour last week but hadn’t been able to check out. They’re so neat!! I’m definitely never buying produce from Coles again. It’s the coolest environment: basically a huge building, jam-packed with food stands, handmade jewelry and clothing shops, and tons of produce stands, where everyone is shouting at each other.

Huge pans of paella! Definitely coming here for dinner soon.

Huge pans of paella! Definitely coming here for dinner soon.

This guy was just playing piano in the middle of everything

This guy was just playing piano in the middle of everything

Since the market runs Friday through Sunday and we were there on a Sunday evening, all the vendors were trying to sell off their stock, and everything was pretty cheap. The produce vendors in particular kept trying to outcompete each other, and they would shout deals at you as you walked by. It was really hectic and really awesome!

"One dolla one dolla! Banana one dolla! Banana one dolla! *sees me* "...pictcha ten dolla, pictcha ten dolla!"

“One dolla one dolla! Banana one dolla! Banana one dolla! *sees me* “…pictcha ten dolla, pictcha ten dolla!”


After we got back, I broke out She’s the Man (aka one of the best movies ever) and we had a movie night. Let me tell you, there are very few better ways to end a day than by watching Amanda Bynes, dressed as a boy, get caught in a filing cabinet. Pure comedic gold, my friends.

This morning we had another orientation session, but this one was definitely more fun than the previous ones. We got to talk about all the awesome trips they organize for us throughout the semester, and I’m so excited for all of them! Definitely going to be broke by the end of the semester, but the school actually subsidizes these trips, so it’s cheaper than if I tried to go see everything on my own.

We always get free lunch on orientation days, and I was expecting more sausages (apparently barbecued sausages are a big thing here), but instead they had pizza…and they actually ordered me my very own gluten-free pizza!! And it was ham and pineapple, which might just be my favorite. Two pizzas in two days? Life could be worse.


Today I also found my Australian twin! She’s actually American, not Australian, but she’s my twin in Australia, so: Australian twin. We have a ton in common, including our obsession with the birds and trees, our affinity for tea, and our history of stuffed animal hoarding. We stole an orange off a tree walking home with our trolley, then found a lemorange tree in the village (weirdest thing ever; half the tree had lemons, and half the tree had some kind of lemon-orange hybrid fruits). We decided we are soul mates, and it was basically like kindergarten all over again, except we bonded over citrus trees instead of play-doh. Hopefully she doesn’t find my blog and discover how weird I am.

And now, I just got back from spending a few hours hanging out with some new friends, some boxes of goon, and some hospital-grade disinfectant masquerading as a fancy alcoholic beverage. I met two Australian guys who sound much more Australian than most of the Australians I’ve met so far, and listening to them banter I had another “woah, I’m in Australia” moment. Still definitely not tired of their accent. They also told me an elaborate story about drop bears that I completely fell for, until they started trying to convince me that instead of gym class in school, Australians run around in the outback wearing loincloths and killing kangaroos with boomerangs. I’m gullible, but I’m not that gullible.

TL;DR: I went grocery shopping without crying. And drop bears don’t exist.

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3 Thoughts on “I think I’m gonna like it here

  1. Tim Collinsworth on July 14, 2014 at 4:28 pm said:

    Hi, Alyssa. My name is Tim Collinsworth. I am friends with your Mom and Dad. I wanted comment on your site. Very nice job. Your future certainly looks bright. Hoping your time in Perth is ALL blessed.

  2. Anne luck on July 15, 2014 at 3:30 pm said:

    HI Alyssa! I just got back from Ft. Lauderdale and couldn’t wait to catch up on your posts! How thrilled I am to know that you are settling in, instead of still being homesick. That part just ripped my heart out ;( It’s going to be a long 6 months for Dad and me, but seeing your smiling face on here and reading about your (happy) adventures helps us out more than you can ever know. I try to look at you objectively, and I see a beautiful, radiant, confident 20 year old. I must admit though that as your mom, I will still always see my precious little girl who is half a world away. Love, Peace and Prayers are with you always on your amazing adventure.
    Enjoy it, my incredible daughter!
    Love you~


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