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Note: I actually wrote this a couple weeks ago, but just now got my website up and running. Please disregard the “Posted On” dates for a few days while I exhaust my backlog of blog posts (:

I’ve been considering starting a blog for a while, and seriously considering starting a blog for a couple weeks, but I was a little intimidated. I mean, how do you just start a blog? I guess by doing what I’m doing right now – talking about starting a blog. But if people are actually going to be reading this (and that’s a big fat IF), I wanted to at least start off on a momentous note.

Well, looks like today is the day! I’m feeling momentous enough to finally start my blog. I’m on such a high right now, and no, it’s not a high from drugs. It’s more of an ‘opportunity high,’ if you will. I have had so many great conversations with awesome people over the past few days, and my head is buzzing with thoughts about policy, nutrition, and just my career and future in general. And if you’re wondering why I want my head buzzing with these things, you can head on over to my handy dandy “About Me” page, or my equally handy “What is Truthbutter?” page!

Anyways, this crazy (but amazing) week started with an interview for an internship position with an organization called Leaflight, which is based in Chapel Hill and does sustainable development work. They have programs that collect compost from restaurants, they organize hoards of ‘gleaners’ to keep crops left in the fields from going to waste, and they do a ton of stuff to support local farmer’s markets. The interview was actually quite informal, and I’m not exactly sure what position I would be fulfilling, but I’m definitely going to volunteer there a few times and see where things go from there! At the very least, I’ll be helping out an organization that has a mission I believe in.

Later that day I also bus-hopped my way to Durham (an adventure in and of itself!) to see my oriental medicine doc, which is always the highlight of my day. To avoid lengthening this blog post, suffice it to say that he is the man. And apparently invented his own instrument. How cool is that??

Wednesday was cool too, because I got to hear Dr. Zerden from UNC’s School of Social Work speak about public health. She mostly talked about the health disparities between social demographics, and why they exist. Although it’s not my main area of interest, her talk gave me yet another perspective on the massively dysfunctional food system I’ll be battling. Typically, I approach nutrition from a “just give people the right information and they’ll follow it and get better” perspective. Dr. Zerden talked about socioeconomic status and “food deserts” –  how some areas don’t even have a basic supermarket to buy produce, much less a Whole Foods or a farmer’s market. These people couldn’t improve their diets even with all the information in the world! Her talk really brought to light just how multifaceted this issue is, and therefore, how multifaceted the solution needs to be.

My week got even MORE exciting when I got to meet Laura from Ancestralize Me. I discovered her blog a few months ago and noticed she’s a UNC student, so I emailed her and asked if she would be willing to meet me for coffee. And she said yes! I got to meet her friend Courtney as well, who is also an aspiring Paleo RD. They told me about UNC’s MPH/RD program, which I am now strongly considering. People who are admitted to the program (after earning a bachelor’s degree) end up with a master’s degree in Public Health and RD (registered dietician) certification, and Laura highly recommended it.

I’ve gone back and forth about whether I want to formally study nutrition, or just focus on policy. If I decide to be an RD or an alternative medicine doctor, I would only be able to help the people I directly treat. But if I go into policy and can somehow make a difference in the whole messed-up system, I could help the entire nation! I just want to help the most people, but it’s hard to know how to do that. I do think I would really enjoy learning biochemistry and in-depth nutrition science, not to mention having the added credibility that comes with RD certification. No matter where I end up, I will want to give people nutrition advice, so being an RD is probably a good idea. But the government sure could use an overhaul…ugh. With any luck, I’ll end up doing both! Thankfully I still have quite a few years to decide, but it was helpful getting Laura’s perspective on the program.

And today was amazing as well, for two reasons: first, it’s Friday! Second, I got to meet up with the lovely Adele Hite again, and we talked for over 2 hours about everything from eggs to the WIC program to the latest recommendations about baby nutrition. I also got all the latest gossip from the Paleo/low-carb/Weston Price community, which I found highly amusing. Who knew ancestral health gossip even existed?? AND, apparently Adele is a long-time family friend of Laura’s family! So many connections are happening, it’s amazing. For somebody who has been Paleo for almost 4 years (me!), yet has only met 2 other ancestralites before now, this is incredibly exciting.

And the best part is, this is only the beginning! I have more meetings with very cool people coming up next week, and I’ll be finishing up my research paper on eggs (yes, eggs) this weekend, which I will share on this blog. Sometimes I forget that I’m still only a freshman, and I get a little jealous of people who are already out in the world doing things. But I guess it’s good to have time to figure everything out. And hey, who says I can’t do things now?


Are you interested in nutrition or nutrition policy? Are you a fellow ancestralite? Let me know in the comments section, and thanks for reading!


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