Homemade Gummies


Do you ever have those times where you are so fixated on one food that you can’t think about anything else until you find that food and eat so much of it that you never want to look at it again in your life? Well, last week, that food was gummies.

For some bizarre reason, I got it in my head that I wanted gummies, and then proceeded to look up about 22 different homemade gummy recipes that I wanted to try. When I settled on a recipe, I went to Target to gather the necessary supplies. Much to my dismay, Target did not have any silicone ice cube or candy molds that I could use for my gummies, but I was not about to settle for dumb square-shaped gummies that I cut out of a baking dish. No sir-ee, I wanted individual gummies, with shapes. 

I tried two other stores before finding a single heart-shaped silicone candy mold in Home Goods. Do you want to know how much that single mold cost? $8. EIGHT DOLLARS, people. And they even tried to make me feel good about spending that much by declaring that the ‘retail price’ was $16.  Meanwhile, the 53 homemade gummy recipes open in tabs on my computer mocked me with their tales of “wow, I found these adorable molds at Walmart for 99 cents each!” And of course, Amazon has some awesome candy molds for a couple dollars each. But that wasn’t going to help me, because I wanted gummies, with shapes, right now. (Sometimes I am not a reasonable person.)

So I took a deep breath, reminded myself that $8 is not actually a lot of money, and bought it anyways. Then I raced home, and within an hour, I was eating gummies and slowly returning to a state of normal cognition. I’m still not satisfied with the recipe, because they don’t have the same texture as storebought gummies (probably due to the lack of high fructose corn syrup), but they’re still tasty and they definitely satisfied my craving. So here’s the recipe, which I got from Butter Believer! I just changed the ratios slightly, but the original is great too.


Homemade Gummies


  • 1/2 cup fruit juice concentrate (I tried Welch’s 100% grape juice concentrate and orange juice concentrate. Both were great, and they tasted especially good together)
  • 2.5 tbsp gelatin (I use Great Lakes gelatin, but the plain Knox you can find at the grocery store works too!)


Pour the fruit juice concentrate into a small saucepan. Sprinkle the gelatin on top and wait until it absorbs some of the liquid and becomes clear. (By the way, I just found out about a week ago that this process has a technical name: ‘blooming’ the gelatin. So, step one – bloom your gelatin.)


Heat the mixture over medium heat until all of the gelatin is dissolved. Then, pour into molds or your choice of dish, and refrigerate until solid.


Now, hear me out on this: don’t skimp on step one. I’m telling you, you have to bloom the gelatin. And not just part of it; ALL of it. You might sprinkle the gelatin over the juice, wait a few minutes, see the remaining white gelatin powder still sitting on top, and think, huh, well, there’s probably not enough liquid there for all of the gelatin absorb some. I’ll just heat it up, and it will dissolve. Heat is handy like that.

No. Don’t think that, because you’re wrong.

If some of the gelatin is still white when you start heating it up, you risk forming evil gelatin clumps, and no matter how long you heat it and no matter how vigorously you stir, smoosh, and finagle, those gelatin clumps will NOT dissolve. (Ask me how I know.) Because there’s so little liquid, you’ll probably need to stir it around after you initially sprinkle it on top to get it to all bloom. But you can stir it around while the juice is cold, without getting evil gelatin clumps. Just stir and smoosh it with a spoon until it’s all evenly mixed in. But I repeat, once you start heating it, the stirring-and-smooshing technique will not work.

You have been warned.


I will update this post when I figure out a recipe with a more traditional gummy texture, but for now, enjoy your gummies! Oh, and in case you didn’t know, gelatin is actually super good for you (just google ‘health benefits of gelatin’), so that’s even more reason to make these 🙂



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