Happy Thanksgiving from New Zealand!


Happy Thanksgiving! It feels weird to not be home with my family, but I had a pretty good day anyway.

It was a beautiful morning in Wanaka, and before we left, we went down to the lake to take some pictures. It was so windy! We had bought some ice to keep our food cold and were trying to put it into baggies at a picnic table in front of the lake, and our bags of ice were literally blowing away. It was kind of a struggle. But the view was great!


Icing my toe last night definitely helped, so this morning we decided to try a short hike on the Diamond Lake track (top picture). It wasn’t the most comfortable hike I’ve ever done, but the view was so worth it! We wanted to do another jumping picture at the top (it’s become somewhat of a tradition), but it was a bit too windy, so we waited until we hiked down a little further. Luckily for my toe, we managed a pretty good shot on the first try. The picture is on Sarah’s camera, which is why I’m not posting it here, but this is me at the top!


After our hike, we drove a ways to find a good lunch spot, and stopped for a little picnic. The gluten-free bread here is actually pretty good, so having to make picnic lunches every day hasn’t been too bad! Also, sandwich-making was significantly easier today because I had the genius idea of using my frisbee as a plate. Never underestimate the useful qualities of a frisbee.

There were a couple fences standing between us and our desired lunch spot, but luckily they were unlocked, so we proceeded to eat lunch in the most gorgeous (but also windiest) spot on the planet. I may have sat in some sheep poo, but the view was worth it.

Then we left the beautiful lakes and mountains of Wanaka and drove west across the Haas Pass to get to the glacier country of New Zealand. We pretty much drove for the rest of the day, and unfortunately it wasn’t the most enjoyable drive ever. The scenery wasn’t anywhere near as beautiful as we’ve been used to, and it rained pretty much the whole time. But we eventually reached our hostel in Franz Josef, and proceeded to make our Thanksgiving meal.

I had a baked chicken breast, and since the cranberry sauce was too expensive, I used some of my strawberry jam instead. It was actually delicious! I also had a buttered sweet potato, and canned peas and green beans. Not the best Thanksgiving meal I’ve ever had, but not bad for a 30-minute youth hostel cook-up!


Sarah and I also finished off the meal with some hot chocolate, which was lovely.


Also, there was a cat in the parking lot, and I got to pet it. Kind of made my day.



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