Geothermal Day


Today was busy but pretty low key, especially compared to yesterday. We got on the road by 8:30 this morning to head to Taupo, and we were both pretty glad to leave the National Park hostel. The drive wasn’t too long, and once we got to Taupo, we spent a couple hours walking to Huka Falls and back. It wasn’t spectacular or anything, especially compared to yesterday, but it was a pretty easy walk, which was perfect since we’re both a little sore.

This random little spot that I explored along the trail was much prettier than the actual waterfall.

This random little spot that I explored along the trail was much prettier than the actual waterfall.


There was a really nice park at the start of the walkway where we ate lunch, and then we headed towards Rotorua to visit the Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Wonderland. Also not spectacular, but a lot of the geothermal stuff was pretty cool, and the color of some of the pools was just amazing.

IMG_6965 IMG_6950 IMG_6977

After that came my favorite part of the day: Kerosene Creek. It’s basically a natural hot spring, and I had read about it while looking up some ‘off the beaten track’ things to do in NZ. It wasn’t too difficult to find, although it was down a really bumpy gravel road (so, literally off the beaten track). And even though we definitely weren’t the only ones there, it didn’t feel touristy.


The creek and the forest were beautiful, and it was definitely a place I would’ve wanted to hang out in even if the creek were cold. But the fact that I could sit in a natural sandy pool surrounded by beautiful forest while hot water from a waterfall swirled around me made it a hundred times more amazing.


Our timing wasn’t great, because it was really sunny all day and we both got pretty hot during the hike and the geothermal park earlier, so we didn’t enjoy the hot water as much as we would have if it were cold. But it was still amazing, and I so wish I could go back on a chilly, cloudy day. I would probably never leave.


The end of the day was really nice too, because the Rotorua hostel is big and clean and has free WiFi and we pretty much had an entire kitchen and living room right above our room to ourselves for the whole evening. I ate leftovers, had some hot chocolate, and got to catch up on blogs and emails. Also, our personal living room and kitchen have Carolina blue walls, so I’m pretty sure it was made just for us.



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