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Yesterday, a bunch of us exchange students took a trip to Caversham Wildlife Park to see kangaroos, koalas, quolls, and other marsupials found only in Australia. So basically, your stereotypical Australian tourist experience.

Most of the animals were difficult to see because they were hiding under brush or trees in their enclosures, but we did get to go right in and actually pet the kangaroos and koalas!

IMG_3549 IMG_3546

The kangaroos especially were a really neat experience, because there were tons of them everywhere and we were allowed to just roam around and pet all of them and take pictures and feed them! They were all pretty sleepy and lethargic, but still adorable.

IMG_3565 IMG_3562

IMG_3694 IMG_3695

After getting about a zillion pictures of kangaroos and koalas, we walked around and saw some other animals. I’ve been trying to flesh out my album of “Selfies with Australian Wildlife,” so I took a calculated risk to attempt the very dangerous but highly coveted Emu Selfie.

If you think emus are cool, you’re right. They’re awesome. But they’re also the scariest dang birds you’ll ever encounter. They look goofy and fun in pictures, but in person, they’re downright frightening. They have red eyes that bore deep into your soul, and they make threatening snorting/grunting noises that I swear sound like some kind of wild boar.

The emu

The emu

With only a flimsy chain-link fence between myself and this formidable creature, I turned my back to the emu and faced my camera to take a selfie. The first one came out pretty well; not my best work, but we’re at least both in the frame.

First emu selfie

First emu selfie


But then in the screen, I saw the emu getting closer, and closer, and closer…and then all of a sudden, it snapped at my head! I escaped alive though, and was able to catch the incident on camera.

I'm glad my natural "I'm about to get eaten my an emu" face is so attractive

I’m glad my natural “I’m about to get eaten my an emu” face is so attractive

There were a couple other instances of birds trying to eat my hair while I took selfies with them, but nothing serious. All the birds there were gorgeous though, and I’m actually pretty impressed with the picture quality from my iPhone 4.

IMG_3615 IMG_3614 IMG_3612 IMG_3598

The spotted quoll was adorable

The spotted quoll was adorable

Cutest possum ever

Cutest possum ever

The snake felt pretty cool, actually

The snake felt pretty cool, actually

This thing was so adorable! I wish I could remember what it's called

This thing was so adorable! I wish I could remember what it’s called



After seeing all of these exotic Australian animals, we got to see a farm show with a bunch of completely ordinary farm animals. There was sheep herding (courtesy of a really cute dog), sheep shearing (courtesy of a really scary contraption), and a few other demonstrations. One guy from our group was chosen to swing the billy, which is a little bucket used to make tea, and another volunteered to try cracking the whip. Let’s just say the billy-swinging was a bit more successful than the whip-cracking.

IMG_3637 IMG_3651

Fun fact: the sound of a whip is actually a sonic boom, made by the tip breaking the sound barrier. So cool, right?!

Afterwards, they invited everyone in the audience down to try milking a cow. I was the only person from our group who wanted to do it; apparently everyone had already ‘been there, done that.’ I, on the other hand, had never milked a cow before, so I was pretty dang excited.

This is me with the cow I milked!

This is me with the cow I milked!

I only got to milk the cow for a second, but it was awesome! I’m still baffled that I was the only person, out of at least 3o students, who wanted to milk the cow. Although I guess if you think about it, milking a cow is kind of a strange thing to do. I think I need to get a cow when I grow up.

At this point, everyone was heading for the buses to go home, but as I was leaving, I saw a pen with a bunch of farm animals where you could actually go inside and pet them all. I think I might’ve actually been more excited about hugging goats and trying to catch chickens than I was about petting koalas or kangaroos.

First, here’s a montage of me trying to get a picture with this poor turkey.

IMG_3685 IMG_3690 IMG_3689


And now, lots of pictures with goats.

IMG_3666 IMG_3670

IMG_3678 IMG_3683


I definitely think I need goats and chickens (along with my cow) when I grow up. I’m also so crazy excited to live on a farm in NZ for three weeks in December! I’ve always felt like I belong in a farm environment, but so often the reality does not meet the expectation. It’ll be interesting to see whether that’s the case for me and farming.

They also had a llama, which was pretty awesome. It even tried to eat my shirt while I was trying to get a llama selfie. I have a brown spot on my shirt now, from llama teeth. That has to be one of the better reasons out there to have a brown spot on one’s shirt.

I think this picture turned out really well

I think this picture turned out really well  /sarcasm

When I finally pulled myself away (quite literally) from the llama, I got a little panicked that everyone had left without me, but they hadn’t, so it was all good.

P.S. I ate 3 lollipops on the bus on the way there, and 3 more on the way back. That’s 6 lollipops in one day. I can’t help it though; they keep giving us free lollipops. What am I supposed to do, not take the free lollipops?…No? Oh. Well, sucking on them actually kept me from feeling bus-sick, so…worth it.

2 Thoughts on “Caversham Wildlife Park

  1. karen on July 19, 2014 at 8:24 pm said:

    Love the pic’s it looked like fun

  2. Anne luck on July 22, 2014 at 2:39 pm said:

    Lots of great shots Alyssa! The LAP Wombat was so cute! Those amazing kangaroos could obviously read….they were all resting;)


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