Bali: Days 2, 3, and 5


On our second day in Bali, we did something that I thought was pretty random: we went to a water park.

It ended up being incredibly fun, and a perfect thing to do since it was so unbelievably hot and humid, but since I can go to a water park pretty much anywhere and I’ll probably only be in Bali once, it definitely seemed like an odd choice of activity.

We caught a few taxis to get there, which wasn’t difficult since you’ll probably see at least ten taxis within any given minute on a Bali street. The taxi drivers also constantly honk and shout “taxi” at you to let you know that they’re free, which got a little infuriating at times. But aside from almost melting on the drive there, we got to the water park in one piece.

There were about 15 of us there, and we all had a blast! We stayed for pretty much the whole day, and it was shady enough around the park that I managed to not get sunburnt. One of my favorite parts (surprisingly) was the lazy river, just because there were so many of us trying to keep our rafts together. And when we all got back to the villa that night, we put up all the water park pictures on the projector screen and had a good time laughing at them.

The next day we went shopping. I’m not one for shopping under the best circumstances, but shopping in Bali is overwhelming in a whole new way. Nothing is priced, so you’re expected to haggle with the shopkeeper to get the best deal. Everything is outside, so you’re sweating buckets the entire time, and trying something on usually consists of hiding behind a clothes rack or ducking behind a sheet where the least number of people can see you.

I have to say, though – you can get some pretty good deals. There are so many shops all selling the same exact stuff that the shopkeepers will take really low prices. I got really awesome pants for $5, plus a bunch of gifts for friends and family. I actually wonder how the shopkeepers here make a living at all! There’s just so much stuff, and so much competition. I guess that’s why they pester people so much to buy things. I guess I can’t blame them, although it’s annoying and kind of stressful.

Now I’m going to be confusing and tell you about my last day in Bali, and save the fourth day for the next post, because there’s a lot more to tell about that day. By comparison, we didn’t do too much on the last day, although I did go to the beach for the first (and only) time. I have to admit, I much prefer Australia beaches. The Bali beach was nice enough, but crowded, and so hot you couldn’t touch the sand. We rented some chairs and umbrellas for the day, and I bought a coconut, which was refreshing and very cliche. We played in the waves (which were huge) for a while, then we got lunch and did some more shopping.

The shopping was kind of a bummer, because I had quite a few more things that I wanted to buy, but some of us decided to go looking for some other markets that we had seen from the taxi. We walked for at least an hour and then took a cab and still couldn’t find them, and by that point everything was closing and we found only one shop that was selling what we wanted, so we had to overpay for everything. I also felt hot and gross and sandy from the beach, and I had to leave for the airport in a few hours so I didn’t have time for another massage. But considering I spent the better part of the day on a beach with friends in Bali, I really can’t complain 🙂

In the next post I’ll tell you about our main sightseeing day, which was day four!


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