About Me

Hey there! I’m Alyssa. I initially started this blog because I was super into nutrition, and would get really worked up about it, and I could tell my friends and family were tired of hearing me rant about the Dietary Guidelines and the food industry and how many carbs people should be eating. And the internet seemed like a good outlet for all my righteous indignation and newfound knowledge.

These days, this blog is more of a haphazard documentation of my relentless self guinea-pigging, plus my thoughts and musings about whatever I may be learning or doing at the time.

A bit of background: I got into nutrition after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis my freshman year of high school. I ended up studying nutrition in college, and have dabbled in just about every diet you can think of. If you want the full saga of my early diet woes and my ongoing struggle to make friends with my digestive system, you can click here.

Nutritional biochemistry is still one of my favorite things to study, but from a practical standpoint, I’m pretty unattached to any one particular way of eating. Over time, I’ve become more interested in other facets of health – the intestinal microbiome, how gut health affects mental health (and vice versa), and more recently, functional orthodontics/dentistry and orthotropics. I also really enjoy more esoteric (and sometimes pseudoscience-y) topics, like the physiologic mechanisms behind things like acupuncture and energy healing, and the amazing plasticity and power of the human brain.

My hope is that I’ll write some things that at least a few people find helpful. I do reserve the right to rant cantankerously about things that I should probably stop getting so worked up over. I also reserve the right to overuse words like ‘cantankerously.’

Lest you think I’m a one-dimensional health nut, here are some other fun facts about me: I love pigeons, big trees, songs with lots of words, Scrabble, and dad jokes. I hate shopping, I have an often inconvenient inability to kill bugs, and I think bell bottoms should never have gone out of style.

I also do have hobbies aside from sporadically shouting into the void of the Internet. I go hiking a lot, I play piano and guitar, and I’ve recently been getting into photography. In my dream world where each day contains 53 hours, I also read novels and paint pictures on a regular basis.

In the real world, the Earth is considerably more productive and can complete a rotation in 24 hours. Thus, novel-reading and picture-painting happen occasionally at best.