About Me

Hey there! I’m Alyssa, and I love learning about nutrition, health, and functional medicine (i.e why people get sick, and how we can make them better). But sometimes my family and friends get tired of hearing about how proud I am that I ate sardines, or how frustrating the gut-brain axis can be, or how stupid the Dietary Guidelines are, or how much I wish Weston Price were my uncle. So I started a blog.

I began my exploration of nutrition after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis my freshman year of high school. (If you want the full saga of my ongoing struggle to make friends with my digestive system, you can click here.) Basically, I took the scenic route to a Paleo-type diet, traveling through the lands of veganism, raw food, and despair along the way. For those of you who took the shortcut, you missed out on some delicious rice cheese and millet muffins.

But while the “Paleo movement” has been a great jumping-off point for me to explore health, I’m pretty unattached to any one particular way of eating. I’m a strong believer in the sentiment that if you feel confident in your understanding of nutrition, you don’t know nearly enough. Nutrition is complicated! If you stick around, you’ll probably see a wide variation in the types of foodstuffs I choose to put in my mouth, depending on the goals I’m trying to achieve at the time.

I’m still working on solving my own health puzzle, and I look forward to a time when I’ll be able use the knowledge I’ve gained and continue to gain to help others achieve that same goal! My biggest interests at the moment are the gut-brain-microbiota axis, mental and digestive health in general, and IBD specifically (duh). I’ll be blogging about what I’m reading, learning, doing, thinking, or eating, and I reserve the right to rant cantankerously about things that I should probably stop getting so worked up over. I also reserve the right to overuse words like ‘cantankerously.’

Lest you think I’m a one-dimensional health nut, here are some other fun facts about me: I love thunderstorms, trees, songs with lots of words, Scrabble, and dad jokes. I hate shopping, I have an often inconvenient inability to kill bugs, and I think bell bottoms should never have gone out of style.

I also do have hobbies aside from sporadically shouting into the void of the Internet. I go hiking a lot, I play piano and guitar sometimes, and I’ve recently been getting into photography. In my dream world where each day contains 53 hours, I also read novels and paint pictures on a regular basis.

In the real world, the Earth is considerably more productive and can complete a rotation in 24 hours. Thus, novel-reading and picture-painting happen occasionally at best.