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This post is part of my effort to compile as many resources as possible about functional orthodontics, orthotropics, and facial growth in a way that’s easy to navigate and hopefully helpful. The central navigational page is here. I will continue to add to that page (as well as this post and others on my site) in the coming months!

What is mewing? 

“Mewing” is a term coined by followers of Mike Mew to describe all of the actions/exercises involved in developing and maintaining proper tongue (and to a lesser extent, lip/cheek/jaw) posture. In addition to keeping the tongue in its rightful place on the roof of the mouth, this also includes things like proper chewing/swallowing technique and various tongue exercises.

(That’s the broader definition. Alternately, “mewing” can sometimes simply refer to maintaining proper tongue posture on the roof of the mouth.)

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