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Salmon Chowder (low-FODMAP)


Lately I’ve been buying a lot of bluefish. I can get it at Whole Foods for only $5.99/lb, it’s an oily fish like salmon so it has a ton of good fats, AND it’s delicious. (If you haven’t tried it, you definitely should; it’s the only fresh fish I’ve found that comes close to the affordability of ground beef.)

When I was at Whole Foods last week, I realized I had never bought a whole fish before. I know that fish broth is supposed to be an awesome source of selenium and iodine and all those other great things you can find in fish heads, so I decided to give it a shot. I brought home my bluefish (which the Whole Foods fish people kindly filleted for me), fried and ate the fillets for breakfast two days in a row, and then stuck the fish head in a pot of water and boiled it for a few hours to make some fish broth. Read more →

Carolina Healthy Nation Coalition: squashing dietary dogma one Tarheel at a time


Last year, I decided I wanted to actually do something at UNC to make peoples’ lives better, and to help grow the community of people who acknowledge that the USDA Dietary Guidelines are not the end-all be-all of good health. In my New Year’s Resolutions, here’s what I said:

I think the hardest thing about leading instead of following isn’t the added work or responsibility, but risk of failure. It’s downright scary to try and start something new when there’s a good chance you’ll fall flat on your face. But it’s better to try and then fail than to not try at all, which is why I’m going to try to start the first ancestral health student organization at UNC, called the Healthy Nation Coalition. It will be a branch of the existing Healthy Nation Coalition, which is directed by my good friend Adele Hite, and will unite all of the ancestralites on campus so that we can get to know each other and show UNC what it really looks like to “eat healthy,” whether that’s Weston Price vegetarian or low-carb Paleo.

To an extent, I did carry out that resolution. I hung up flyers all over campus, emailed a bunch of different listservs, held an interest meeting where I felt mildly awkward (as usual), and to my amazement, found a solid group of 8-10 people who care about this food thing as much as I do. We met about once a week from the end of February through May, and discussed topics ranging from cholesterol and ethical vegetarianism to exercise and nutrient timing. There were even a good 5 or 6 of us who are ‘Paleo’! But I was very wrong about one thing: it’s not an ancestral health group. Read more →

My nutrition studies: awesomeness and facepalms (plus cat pics)

skeptic cat

This is me every day in nutrition class. My face looks exactly like that. Just ask my nutrition TA.

This marks one month of my official nutrition studies at UNC, and it’s been surprisingly enjoyable! I absolutely feel like I’m in the right major, and I never had that feeling with Public Policy. (I do still have to be admitted to the School of Public Health though, so fingers crossed I get in!) There have been plenty of ‘facepalm’ moments, but I’ve also been impressed by some of the readings we’ve been assigned, and the overall scientific focus of the class. Read more →