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Yay! I’m a published author! (sorta)

First of all, I apologize for the cavernous, yawning time-gap between my last post and what will (eventually) be my next substantial post. (This one doesn’t count.) I’m just finishing up my freshman year of college, so I have papers to write and exams to study for, but after that the blogging will return! And I will finish my series on veganism. Promise.

But I wanted to do a quick celebratory post because I just found out that the research I did last semester will be published in the PIT journal, which is UNC’s undergraduate journal for peer-reviewed scholarly articles! It’s just a small, unknown university publication that nobody will ever read, but I’m still excited (: My article is called Are We Putting Our Eggs In The Wrong Basket?: Why we should question the USDA Dietary Guidelines, and I posted it on my blog a few months ago if you want to look at it! Note the excessively long title; apparently that’s the hip thing to do if you’re writing journal articles. I’m so hip.

The most amusing thing I found in doing my research is this: the studies that the Dietary Guidelines Committee decided to scrounge up to prove that cholesterol should be limited – wait for it – actually prove the exact opposite. Yes, all of the studies they cite show that cholesterol, especially from eggs, does not increase risk for CVD, and in many circumstances, actually decreases risk for CVD. So I guess now we can cite studies that prove the opposite of our point, and just hope that nobody actually looks at our references! Whew, that sure makes research a lot easier. It’s just so tedious trying to come up with conclusions based on the evidence, y’know?

In all seriousness, don’t take everything you read at face value. Even if you trust the source, it would behoove you to check their references to make sure nothing sneaky is going on. In fact, I strongly encourage you to check MY sources for things I write on here! I’ll always do my best to never lead you astray, but I can never guarantee I won’t miss something or make mistakes.

In other news, I just made an important realization: I don’t think I use the word ‘behoove’ enough. I think I’m going to insert it awkwardly strategically into the policy brief I have to write before Thursday.